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Medical Research

Grantmaking Process 

The Doris Duke Foundation makes timely strategic investments in support of ideas that advance our mission. We invest in both research and efforts aimed at influencing the culture, practice and policy of clinical research. When appropriate, the foundation issues a limited or open request for applications (RFA). Applications received in response to an RFA typically undergo rigorous internal review as well as external peer review by independent experts. While these grants often fund work conducted by individuals, the direct grant recipient is the associated institution.

Seeking a grant?

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Funding Area
Grant Opportunity
There are no open competitions at this time.

Guidelines and Policies

The following document provides information on the guidelines and policies of the Medical Research Program that may be useful to current and potential grantees. Note that this information is provided for guidance only and does not supplant the information or terms contained in DDF grant agreements. In the event of a conflict between these policies and guidelines and the DDF grant agreement, the provisions in the DDF grant agreement shall take precedence. 

Medical Research Program Guidelines and Policies