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“Medicine Means More Than Molecules,” Write DDF's Sam Gill and Dr. Sindy Escobar Alvarez

Doris Duke Foundation President and CEO Sam Gill and Program Director for Medical Research Dr. Sindy Escobar Alvarez published an article in Issues in Science and Technology, in which they call for a reevaluation of medical research funding paths. They argue that the current system needs to better value and recognize research innovations in disease prevention, care delivery and implementation so that society can maximize the potential impact of medical research on health outcomes. 

Drawing on lessons from the foundation's long-time support for early-career physician scientists, Alvarez and Gill stress the need for a more inclusive funding approach that addresses an incomplete national health investment portfolio and offer four recommendations: re-organize and coordinate support around health issues rather than career trajectories; raise the profile of innovations in prevention, care and implementation through more honors and awards; re-configure institutional incentives to facilitate innovations that improve health outcomes; and advocate for and valorize research to prevent disease, improve care and implement effective interventions. 

Read the full article in Issues.