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Who We Are

Doris Duke Foundation

The Doris Duke Foundation (DDF) operates five national grantmaking programs as well as Duke Farms and Shangri La, two centers that serve the public directly.

Mission and Values

Mission & Values

The mission of the Doris Duke Foundation is to build a more creative, equitable and sustainable future by investing in artists and the performing arts, environmental conservation, medical research, child well-being and greater mutual understanding among diverse communities. Learn more about how we execute our mission and the value lens through which we do our work.

Doris Duke

Our Founder

Born on Nov. 22, 1912 in New York City, Doris Duke was a lifelong philanthropist and adventurer, who used her inheritance as the only child of James Buchanan (J.B.) Duke, a founder of the American Tobacco Company and Duke Energy Company, to travel the world, engage in creative and environmental interests, and support causes to improve the health and well-being of children and communities.

Our History

The Doris Duke Foundation was established in 1996 through the will of Doris Duke, who endowed the foundation and left written guidance for our funding priorities, activities and future of her properties.

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Our People