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Watch Dr. Baugh's Keynote Address at “Together to Catalyze Change for Racial Equity in Clinical Algorithms”

In this keynote address, “Race Against Time: Updating Clinical Algorithms in Light of New Understanding” Dr. Aaron Baugh, assistant professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, delves into the historical and contemporary implications of using race as a biological construct in medical research and practice, and what that means for health outcomes.

Dr. Baugh's insightful presentation, delivered at the National Academy of Medicine on June 21, 2024, was part of the Doris Duke Foundation and Council of Medical Specialty Societies' (CMSS) announcement of Encoding Equity in Clinical Research & Practice: Rethinking Race in Clinical Algorithms. This alliance, supported by a $3 million grant to and led by CMSS, aims to drive scientific rigor and health equity by examining the use of race in clinical algorithms. Visit to learn more.