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Medical Research

The Evolution of the Doris Duke Foundation Medical Research Program

For a quarter century, the Doris Duke Foundation’s support for physician scientists' clinical research has been driven by our fundamental belief in the importance of this workforce to lead innovation that improves human health. Both time and the work of our grantees have validated this belief.   
In response to the changing world around us and as the nature of advances needed to sustainably improve health in this country changes, the way resources and structures that we use to support physician scientists also must change. The pandemic and the worsening health of Americans tell us that it’s time to open more pathways for visionary physician scientists to pursue every avenue of research that could save and improve lives.   
And with change come tradeoffs. While we reevaluate our role to open more paths for transformative research by physician scientists, we are pausing the Clinical Scientist Development Award and the Physician Scientist Fellowships. We understand that this decision may come as disappointing news to early-career physicians planning to apply for a 2024 award. 

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