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Sacha Spector, Program Director for the Environment, Details Locally Led, Nationally Supported Conservation in Congressional Briefing

In an Environment and Energy Study Institute policy briefing on large landscape conservation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Program Director for the Environment Sacha Spector discussed the role of philanthropy in the field and the need for a locally led, nationally supported and collaborative framework.

"A new national framework for large landscape conservation and a collaborative approach is something that we hear a need from all of our partners in the nonprofit space, as well as the agencies at federal, state and local levels," said Spector during the briefing. "This new framework, whatever it is, needs to be locally led but nationally supported in order to make sure that the sum of the parts of all of these individual regional collaboratives add up to a national impact. It needs to focus on long-term coordination and collaboration support, as well as the science planning implementation and engagement capacities that only the federal, state and other resource agencies can bring."

The policy briefing also included the insights of Lynn Scarlett, former Deputy Secretary of the Interior and coordinating committee member of the Network for Landscape Conservation; Dr. Deborah Rocque, assistant director for science applications at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Dr. Julie Thorenston, executive deirector of the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society; and Anna Wearn, director of government affairs at the Center for Large Landscape Conservation. Watch the entire briefing, "Building a Durable National Framework for Large Landscape Conservation," above.