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DDCF President Sam Gill Talks Climate Funding at RockCreek Climate Summit

From Crisis to Opportunity: Marshaling Finance for Climate Action," A Panel Discussion with the Presidents of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund and World Resources Institute

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation President Sam Gill discussed opportunities to invest in the acceleration of climate action at the RockCreek Climate Summit.

Gill stated: "I think the question foundations are getting better at asking themselves is, 'What is the highest marginal return we can get on the different sources of capital that we have at our disposal against this challenge?' Our grantmaking programs in the environment will always be, we believe, a critical way to advance conservation as an essential part of our effort to build a more sustainable world, but we are also looking at uses of how our return-seeking capital in the endowment can contribute to that as well." 

The panel discussion was moderated by Gillian Tett, chair of the editorial board for Financial Times, and included the participation of Ani Dasgupta, World Resources Institute president and CEO, and Stephen Heintz, Rockefeller Brothers Fund president and CEO.