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New York Times Reports on $10M Grant to Jacob's Pillow for Rebuilding of Doris Duke Theatre

Culture reporter Javier Hernandez details in The New York Times how Jacob's Pillow is setting plans in motion to rebuild its Doris Duke Theatre through $10 million in support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The grant, which is the largest the organization has ever received, aids the Pillow in its efforts to construct a reimagined facility after a tragic 2020 fire ravaged the building. 

The Massachusetts-based dance nonprofit, which is still fundraising for an additional $20 million to complete the project, is aiming to open the new Doris Duke Theatre in 2025 and to equip it with cutting-edge technology that  will offer dancers the resources they need to create extraordinary works. 

“They’re not just building a theater,” Sam Gill, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation president and CEO, says in the article. “They are building and demonstrating to the field of dance the kinds of tools and expertise and capabilities that will be required to ensure that the digital future is one that is even brighter and even more inclusive and even more exciting for dance.”  

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