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Maurine Knighton, Program Director for the Arts, Speaks with Jazzfuel About The Creative Inflections Initiative

In an interview for Jazzfuel, Program Director for the Arts Maurine Knighton discussed the Creative Inflections initiative, which awarded nearly $1 million in grant funding to support five boundary-pushing collaborations that tackle some of today's most pressing social issues. Knighton also shared her advice on what the new generation of jazz artists can do if they are looking for financial support, which includes turning to intermediary organizations and finding out whether the local, state or regional arts agencies representing their geographic area offer any funding opportunities.

Knighton said: "This cohort of Creative Inflections grant recipients brings together artists and arts presenters who are working at the forefront of modern jazz. These seven dynamic jazz artists are among today’s modern masters and are creating boundary-pushing work that’s engaging new generations of listeners. We’re proud to support strong partnerships between these artists and dedicated presenting organizations as they launch new interdisciplinary works that innovate within the artform and continue jazz’s rich tradition as a vehicle for social change."

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