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Director for Child Well-being JooYeun Chang Offers Insights on Transforming the Child Welfare System in Youth Today

Youth Today published a Q&A with Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Director for Child Well-being JooYeun Chang, in which she offers insights about pathways to transforming the child welfare system. In this interview, Chang also shares what led her to pursue a career in child welfare, the most challenging and rewarding moments of her journey in the field, and where she sees our foundation having the greatest impact in the future.  

Chang says: “To create a new system — in which fewer kids are coming to the attention of child welfare and more families are able to care for their own — you need thought leaders, you need researchers and evaluators. You need people who can hit the ground running and start up a new program. You need to constantly study whether those programs are working for whom and how to improve that.” 

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