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2003 Innovations in Clinical Research Award

Awarded: Jan 01, 2003

$1.88 million over 2 years

In 2003, nine grants of $200,000 and one grant of $76,196 were awarded to investigators to support research to develop point-of-care diagnostics and therapeutic monitoring of AIDS in resource-poor countries. (In 2005, DDCF awarded three additional grants totaling $494,687 for the continuation of the projects led by Drs. Alan Landay, Matthew Steele and Steven Wolinsky.)

2003 ICRA Grantees

P. Robert Beatty, Ph.D., and Eva Harris, Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley
Project name: ImmunoSensor for HIV Infections

Neil T. Constantine, Ph.D., Janet M. Barletta, Ph.D., and Maja Sommerfelt, Ph.D.
University of Maryland School of Medicine, University of Maryland, and BionorImmuno
Project name: A Portable, Visually-Read, Amplification-Boosted Test to Monitor HIV Viral Load

Angela M. Caliendo, M.D., Ph.D., and Silvija I. Staprans, Ph.D.
Emory University School of Medicine
Project name: HIV RNA and CD4+ Assays for Resource-Poor Countries

Mina C. Hosseinipour, M.D., Susan A. Fiscus, Ph.D., and Irving F. Hoffman, M.P.H.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Project name: Virologic Monitoring for the Malawian Antiretroviral Program

Barry N. Kreisworth, Ph.D.
Public Health Research Institute
Project name: Rapid Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Drug Susceptibility Testing

Alan L. Landay, Ph.D., Suzanne M. Crowe, M.B.B.S. (Hons), F.R.A.C.P., M.D., and Tom N. Denny, B.A., M.Sc.
Rush Medical College, Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research & Public Health, and Center for Laboratory Investigations
Project name: Novel and Improved Manual Low-Cost CD4+ Test

William R. Rodriguez, M.D., John T. McDevitt, Ph.D., and Bruce D. Walker, M.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Texas at Austin, and Harvard Medical School
Project name: Development of Affordable HIV Diagnostics Using Microchips

Robert W. Ryder, M.D., M.Sc., and Luc Kestens, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Institute of Tropical Medicine
Project name: Monitoring CD4+ and HIV Viral Load with a Unique Low-Cost Mobile Flow Cytometer in AIDS Patients in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Matthew Steele, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)
Project name: Rapid and Simple Semi-Quantitative Test Method for Monitoring CD4+ and Total Lymphocytes in Blood

Steven Wolinsky, M.D., Chad A. Mirkin, B.S., Ph.D., and Yun-Wei Cao, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Northwestern University
Project name: Electrical Detection of HIV DNA and RNA with Nanoparticle Probes