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Child Well-being

Building Capacity and Sharing Knowledge

The Child Well-being Program works to build individual, organizational and collective capacity that fosters, aligns and expands opportunities to advance more equitable outcomes for children and families. The program invests in the career development of visionary and effective leaders from a variety of disciplines who reflect the experiences, cultures and backgrounds of the communities they serve. These leaders include those from multiple social service systems, nonprofit organizations and researchers.

Our grantmaking also supports the generation and use of research evidence that offers invaluable insights into the communities we aim to serve and informs policies and practices that shape the experiences and well-being of children and families.

The program also provides targeted funds to facilitate communication and storytelling that use a strengths- and equity-based lens to replace harmful dominant narratives with authentic representation and the lived experiences of the communities and families we support.

Additionally, we support advocacy efforts that increase awareness of community needs and promote essential elements of well-being.

Please explore the What We’ve Funded section of our site for examples of organizations and activities we support.